Mango Juice
Enjoy the wonderful taste of fresh Mango Juice at our shop. We also sell it in packaged format.

Kairi Panhe 
This is one of the most refreshing juices prepared in the Summer season. This traditional maharashtrian, sweet and sour drink is made from fresh raw mango fruits. It has great cooling properties and a " must have" in the summers.
We also sell Kairi Panhe concentrates from which Kairi Panhe can be prepared. 

Kokam Juice:
Kokam is fruit native to Ratnagiri. Its scientific name is Garcinia indica. The fruits 
have such good properties that it is referred as Amrut KokamAmrut meaning divine nectar which gives immortality.

These fruits are available in the summer season. We prepare fresh Kokam Sarbat(Juice) using these fruits in summer.
You have to taste the the fresh Kokam Sarbat (Juice) made out of these fruits to have this enchantimg experience.
We also sell syrups and concetrates of this fruit which are available all round the year.
The syrups and concentrates can be used have a good use in cooking and prepating Kokam sarbat.